Immutably Connect Secure Chips with Onchain Assets

Ethereum Reality Service


A decentralized registry that resolves chips to dapps, smart contracts and off-chain websites and services.


Verify chained attestations from chip manufacturers, brands and creators who embed chips into things.


Leverage chip signatures to claim digital assets like NFTs and PBTs. Enroll in services and dapps and represent crypto ownership IRL.

How ERS works

01 Manufacturer Adds Chips

On creation, a chip's identity is generated, recorded and attested to by the manufacturer – the first party taking responsibility for the chip and certifying its existence.

The manufacturer generates a unique certificate for each chip it enrolls from the chipId – the chip's corresponding Ethereum address.

The chipIds and certificates are bundled into an enrollment merkle tree, the root of which is stored onchain.

02 TSM Embeds Chips

The trusted service manager or "TSM" embeds the chips into projects. A trusted service manager can be anyone from a large brand enrolling thousands of items to an individual artist creating a handful of physical works with embedded chips.

The TSM is entrusted with managing the service that is paired with a chip on behalf of the end user. The TSM both certifies the chips with and generates ownership proofs from each chip to demonstrate possession.

03 User Claims Chips

An end user typically interacts with the chip through a transport like NFC at which point they resolve any associated content and services.

When the chip is unclaimed, resolution takes place through an EIP 3668 compliant CCIP read. Once claimed this resolution path is written onchain.

A claimed chip is represented as a PBT in the user’s wallet, and an associated service created by the TSM can direct to rich content, similar to an NFT’s tokenUri function.

Who ERS is For


Embed decentralized authenticity into garments, collectibles and toys that requires no ongoing service fees or app maintenance. Create your own immutable platform without the need for third party APIs.


Make fully custom digiphysical experiences that don’t rely on centralized authorities. Connect with fans who now can own your art and merch both IRL and virtually. Mint them ongoing NFT and token drops.


Engage with members by issuing cards that enable event access and can be tied to onchain governance. Secure treasury with low cost, secure element hardware wallets distributed to multisig signers.

End Users

Own your hardware completely by controlling the services and dapps associated with your physical things. Chips in ERS are fully composable so you don’t need access to private APIs to create custom experiences with just a tap.